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Race Information

  1. How long is a 5K and/or 10K?

    5 kilometers = 3.1 miles

    10 kilometers = 6.2 miles

    Note that for trail races, due to an inability to lengthen and shorten trails, races can sometimes be a little bit more or (once in a rare while) a little bit less than the advertised distance. 

  2. I am a very slow runner. Am I going to be out of place?

    You won't be out of place at all. Our races are planned for participants of all abilities -- including walkers/hikers.

  3. Can I register on race day?

    We will have race day registration. If the race is sold out, the race website will be updated on the home page and the registration page (as well as on the active.com page). Note that shirts in your size cannot be guaranteed if registering after September 17th. If we do have extra shirts, there is a chance of us running out of your size since it was not planned in advance.


  4. What is included in the race fees?

    Your registration fee includes a T-shirt (guaranteed if registered before September 18), post-run refreshments and snacks, automatic raffle entry, a goody bag, and access to family activities.

  5. Can I wear headphones?

    Yes, but we ask that you keep the volume down at a safe level so that you can hear other runners or instructions from event personnel. We also ask that you remove them, or, at the very least, remove one ear bud when you are coming to aid stations, in a large crowd or on more technical or difficult sections of the course. The important thing is paying attention to everyone's safety and maintaining basic race etiquette with other runners.

  6. Can I bring my dog?

    Dogs are allowed within the Quarry Lakes Regional Park, and we welcome you to bring your dog to participate in the walk. However, as a courtesy to all of our other participants, we request that walkers with dogs stay at the back of the group.

    Dogs are not allowed in the water anywhere in the park, and dogs are not allowed to pass the beach gates or be in the swim beach area. Please note that all dogs must remain on leash at all times while in the park (leashes may not exceed six feet in length). This regulation is necessary due to the recreational nature of the park and to protect the wildlife and ecosystems in the park’s natural unit.


  7. Are strollers allowed?

    Due to safety regulations, we strongly discourage the use of regular strollers on the course, however jogging strollers is a better alternative for the type of terrain on this course (mostly gravel/dirt paths). If you decide to use a stroller, please make sure to stay in the back, regardless of your pace to ensure the safety of all participants.


  8. What is parking like at Quarry Lakes?

    Parking fee for those using the Quarry Lakes Recreation Area lot is $5.00 (collected by Quarry Lakes attendant), so carpooling is highly recommended.

  9. Will there be a place I can leave my warm-up clothing?

    No, we will not have a check-in location for warm-up clothing. Please plan accordingly.

  10. Is alcohol allowed?

    Alcohol is not allowed at this event.


  11. Do you offer a group discount? Frequent runner discount? Family discount? Coupon? Special break for running more than one race?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer group discounts.

    We do offer a discount to those who sign up early, since early sign-ups allow us to plan better and lower the overall costs of the race. Similarly, we include an additional charge for those who sign up late, since the accommodation of race entries in the last four weeks before a race increases the per-runner cost.


  12. Will there be age group awards?

    Yes, medals will be awarded three deep in the following age groups: 12 & under, 13-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+. All children registered for the Kids All-Abilities Fun Race will receive participant medals.


  13. Is there a time limit?

    There is a 90 min time limit.


  14. Will the race be cancelled if it rains?

    No. The race will be held, rain or shine. Courses may be modified to account for weather conditions. Please be sure to check the weather leading up to race day. Be prepared for warm or cold weather.


  15. Do you issue refunds?

    No. Putting on a race can be a very expensive (and financially risky) endeavor. To a small extent, that risk gets shared by all who enter since injuries, emergencies and plain old "life happening" can potentially ruin plans for participation.

    Because the majority of the funds collected have been spent long before the race occurs, we do not issue cash refunds.


  16. Is the race professionally timed?

    Yes! This year we will have Under the Sun Events professionally time the event.

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