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Happy 3rd Birthday Delaney!!

Posted by Team Do It For Delaney on July 7, 2013 at 12:30 AM

As Delaney had her third birthday, it is only natural to reflect on how far she has come and how far she still has to go to live and fuction as a little girl instead of a baby. Most parents usually have the satisfaction of knowing that much of the reistance of the 2-year old is behind them. Their tremendous increase in vocabulary and facility in speaking that has taken place between ages two and three. Toddling has become walking, little hands are stacking blocks and self feeding and toilet training is a part of normal day life.

Even though Delaney can do very few of these things, we are very proud of what she has learned. And what a joy it is to see her smile, when she masters a simple task, or even one more step in a simple task. In her own way, she knows the satisfaction of effort leading to results. She can feed herself a limited amount, both with figers and with a spoon, though not enough for nourishment needs. Self-feeding is one of the goals of Occupational Therapy and we ( therapists and family) work on it every day. Her gross motor skills are encouraging. Using her AFO's ( leg braces) and her gait trainer Delaney can "step", lifting her legs alternately. ( with help to propel forward) She can crawl up a sequence of stairs, and has learned to go down a step backward. She likes to pull herself up to standing position, and cruises sideways using furniture. These are significant gains for our little girl!

Probably the area where progress is slowest is speech. She does vocalize when excited. A few consonants, but most are vowel sounds. "Signing" has been introduced in speech therapy, but will be difficult since Delaney's fine motor skill is very limited, with little control of the fingers. Speech therapy, is nevertheless, a big and important part of Delaney's life. Much of it is aimed at comprehension, and so far she seems to understand a few words such as more, up, come here, ball and hands to hands. An electronic communication devise may be useful in the future.

Socially, Delaney has always been a delight. She smiles and giggles easily, and eagerly observes and " absorbs" new people and places. She has her favorite things: her bath, her swing, her beads, Gram Cat's dog and any mirror. We thank God every day for Delaney, and for every day of the past three years with her, and for every good thing, every piece of knowledge, every technique, every therapy, and every kind, wise and skillful person who has helped her along the way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR LANEYBUG!

"The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving." Goethe

Maureen Thomas :D

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