Dear friends and supporters of Do It For Delaney, As the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted all of our personal lives, the same is true for our family and for our annual 5K/10K/Special Needs Fun Run. For the past seven years you have honored us with your time, your talent, your enthusiasm, and your donations. In the current restrictive and uncertain environment, it is not practical for this event to take place. We will miss the energy and sense of community that it has always generated. Even so, we take this opportunity to thank you again for your faithful support since our first Special Needs Fundraiser in 2013. You have given us strength. Because of your generosity Delaney learned to walk, jump, understand a schedule of what's next, drink from a cup, use a spoon, point to things, hold a marker and make marks on paper. Special thanks go out to those of you who have made a tax-deductible donation this year. Delaney's need continues to grow as she has lost the benefit of in-person public education and therapies. She just doesn't understand where her world went and we are working so hard to prevent any regression. Each of you has been a blessing to Delaney and to all the special needs children we will continue to help. Besides raising funds you are raising awareness of physical and intellectual differences and of how much we can achieve when we work together. 

Eternally Grateful, Maureen, Dave & Delaney

Do It For Delaney is a community event for runners, walkers, families and friends to help special needs children. Do It For Delaney was originally created to raise funds for uncovered therapy costs for Delaney Thomas. Delaney was born with an extremely rare genetic CASK gene duplication resulting in microcephaly and cerebral palsy. Due to the community’s overwhelming support, Do It For Delaney has turned into a much larger event helping special needs children and their families.

On October 19, 2019, we are holding our 7th  annual “Do It for Delaney” 10K, 5K and Kids All-Abilities Fun Race at Quarry Lakes Regional Park in Fremont. We are excited to announce that Conductiva, a conductive education learning program, Friends of Children with Special Needs, a Bay Area resource for special needs families, and The Parker Lee Project, supporting medically dependent children will benefit from Do It For Delaney 2019.